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Twinterviewing @anyaseventeen

@UNGIFTraffick talks to Ben Kaye, librettist of the Anya 17, the first anti-trafficking opera



Officially supported by eleven national and international civil society organizations and UN.GIFT, ' Anya17' is the world's first Opera to reveal the hidden world of Sex Trafficking in the UK. Anya17 premieres on March 7 th in Liverpool before a second performance in Manchester on March 9 th. Tickets are available via


Composed by British Composer Award winner Adam Gorb to an original Libretto by Ben Kaye, Anya 17 was nominated for an award at The House of Lords even before its first performance.


To know more about the story and inspiration behind this production, UN.GIFT talked to Ben Kaye on Feb 29, 2012.


Click here to read the full @UNGIFTraffick Twinterview with Ben Kaye @anyseventeen


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