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Survivors Blog on the UN.GIFT.HUB




I have never met Jana in person but when one of my colleagues told me about her story I literally got goose bumps. I first heard of Jana when she spoke before  the UN Human Rights Council about how she escaped from human traffickers that had kidnapped her, forced into prostitution and threaten her with hurting her family.


Since then, we have been exchanging emails. At that time we were building the UN.GIFT.HUB and when she told us she was interested in contributing to the HUB, we felt extremely motivated. After all, everything we do here is having in mind people like herself.


The work of UN.GIFT is guided by what  is called the victim-centered approach.


The mission of UN.GIFT is to mobilize State and non-State actors to eradicate human trafficking by:

(a) Reducing both the vulnerability of potential victims and the demand for exploitation in all its forms;

(b) Ensuring adequate protection and support to those who do fall victim; and

(c) Supporting the efficient prosecution of the criminals involved, while respecting the fundamental human rights of all persons.


But Jana is not a victim. Jana is a survivor. She is a courageous young woman that went through a horrible experience and turned it into something powerful and inspiring. She now works as a human rights advocate speaking out publicly against human trafficking.


Today we received an email from her. She had just given a lecture before 200 university students. She has also sent us her first submission to the Survivors Blog. Do not miss out on this. Her story is a true gift. At UN.GIFT we feel grateful and privileged to have her on board.  And we will share her blog soon in the UN.GIFT.HUB.