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OSCE Building the Capacity of Roma Communities to Prevent Trafficking in Human Beings English
Jan 12 2011
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This report is based on the presentations and discussion from a roundtable on "Making Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings Effective: Building Regional and Local Capacity of Roma Communities", Tirana, 18-20 September 2006. Concrete Practices presented in the paper include: 1. Making access to basic rights effective for Roma as a means of preventing trafficking; 2. Including state actors, such as social and health services and police, in responses to trafficking; 3. Strengthening national social protection systems, in particular child protection systems, to prevent trafficking and protect victims; 4. The role of outreach, such as street work and the use of Roma cultural mediators; 5. The use of 'open' assistance programmes, such as drop-in and day programmes; 6. Ensuring that Roma and non-Roma actors are equal partners in prevention and protection efforts; and 7. Hiring and training Roma personnel for activities targeting Roma communities. This publication is also available in Slovak on the website of OSCE.