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Walk Free Global Slavery Index 2013

The Global Slavery Index provides a ranking of 162 countries, reflecting a combined measure of three factors: estimated prevalence of modern slavery by population, a measure of child marriage, and a measure of human trafficking in and out of a country. The measure is heavily weighted to reflect the first factor, prevalence. A number one ranking is the worst, 160 is the best.

UNESCO: Model curricula for journalism education: a compendium of new syllabi

This compendium of new syllabi represents UNESCO's strategic response to the question: How can journalism education continue to renew itself? This is the question that the Third World Journalism Education Congress (WJEC-3) posed to its delegates. There are two aspects to this question. The first recognizes
the historical trajectories through which journalism education has evolved. The second is a call to renegotiate the future trajectory of journalism education. 

ILO: Marking progress against child labour: Global estimates and trends 2000-2012

This is the fourth issue of the ILO's report series: Global Estimates on Child Labour. The present Report provides new global and regional estimates on child labour for the year 2012 and compares them with the previous estimates for 2000, 2004 and 2008.

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