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Anti-Trafficking Review: call for papers


Anti-Trafficking Review



The Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW) is calling for submissions for the Anti-Trafficking Review, a unique new journal examining the field of human trafficking. Academics, practitioners and advocates, working for and with trafficked persons are invited to submit their article proposals by 9 May 2011.


The Review promotes a human rights based approach to human trafficking and it aims to explore the issue in its broader context including gender analyses and intersections with labour and migrant rights. The journal will offer a space for dialogue for those seeking to communicate new ideas and findings.


The first edition will focus on a current and pressing concern in the field of human trafficking: 'Where's the Accountability?'. In view of the growing anti-trafficking industry, the Review will look at the "accountability vaccum" that a has also grown along a larger sector.


This first issue will be guest edited by Dr. Anne Gallagher and co-edited by Caroline Hames from the Global Alliance against Traffic in Women.


A paragraph outlining the proposed article must be sent to before the commissioning deadline: 9th May 2011.  Commissioned articles will need to be completed by 25 July 2011 when they will be considered for publication.

Please see the call for papers, and find further information on the website.