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Bice Togo combats child trafficking in Lomé region




In order to support civil society organizations (CSOs) in their activities to fight human trafficking, UN.GIFT established a Small Grants Facility which was launched on 1 March 2010. A Call for Proposals was issued inviting eligible CSOs to submit their project ideas to UN.GIFT. From over 440 received proposals, 12 projects were chosen for funding. One of the awardees is Bice Togo.


Bice Togo aims to preserve children's fundamental rights. Within this framework the organisation also fights against child trafficking. The prevention of the exploitation of young girls is the main objective, but direct support to victims of trafficking and exploitation is also offered.  Bice Togo is part of the Bice International network and was established in 1997.


Project 'Assistance for vulnerable children and children victims of human trafficking'


Source: SotirioThe project selected under UN.GIFT's Small Grants Facility aims to eradicate the trafficking of children in the region of Lomé in Togo. Three combined strategies have been developed to achieve this:

- prevention activities,
- protection of victims and
- the pursue of enhanced of punishments for traffickers.


Awareness raising on a community level is Bice Togo's major tool to prevent human trafficking. Also, the children are encouraged to take part in the process of awareness raising within the community. Through youth clubs they are educated on their rights and how to avoid situations in which their rights and safety could be violated.


Bice Togo has organised schooling for around 500 vulnerable children. The organization also works on supporting the issuing of birth certificates for these children. The certificates improve their access to education and enables their families to fully claim their rights.


To reinforce the punishment of traffickers, Bice Togo supports the parents of the victims with the legal pursuing of their cases. This is needed especially due to the widespread corruption in the country.


Achievements in the fight against child trafficking


Bice Togo has enhanced collaboration with State actors in Lomé region. They have carried out trainings and broadcasted periodical radio programs dealing with child trafficking to sensitize the community. Furthermore, Bice Togo founded youth clubs in seven communities where children can learn about their rights. The organisation also offers psychosocial assistance to children and they have already assisted 43 children with the issuance of their birth certificates.


For further information visit the website of Bice Afrique.