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Local governments exchange experiences to address child trafficking


CIFAL(CIFAL).- CIFAL (International Training Centre for Local Actors) Jeju convened over ten country delegations in Jeju Self-Governing Province, for a training on combating child trafficking. The training was the first one of a series aimed at developing local government's capacities to address human security issues in the Asia-Pacific Region.


The workshop "Enhancing Human Security: Developing Local Governments' Capacities to Combat Child Trafficking in the Asia-Pacific Region" was held March 30 to April1, 2011. It featured the participation of experts from Korea University, UNICEF, the United Nations Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking (UNIAP) and a presentation on the television network MTV's  EXIT social media campaign to end exploitation and trafficking.


Participants included delegations from Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Cambodia and The Philippines, representing a variety of cities from source, transit, and destination areas for child trafficking victims. Attendants learned about common challenges and applicable good practices in anti-child trafficking efforts from across the region, with aims to better adapt their municipal programming.


CIFALMain priorities for local governments include the identification and monitoring of vulnerable groups and the delivery of reintegration services to victims of human trafficking. In many of the countries represented, birth registration is a challenge. This exposes vulnerable children to trafficking and other abuses. Investing in monitoring and evaluation systems, and baseline research on the vulnerability of children was highlighted as a challenge, and a future goal for many of the local governments.


During the workshop it was also underlined the importance of a community-driven approach to public awareness, multi-stakeholder partnerships and civic education campaigns. Additionally, participants agreed that regulatory and policy frameworks that incorporate global and national legislation into an integrated governance approach for local governments is crucial to change the culture of impunity that allows trafficking to continue.

Part of UNITAR's global network of nine CIFAL training centres for local development, CIFAL Jeju's mandate is to develop knowledge and skills among regional local governments on this theme. In 2011, CIFAL Jeju will continue to host introductory Human Security-themed training courses, as well as more specific workshops for developing Human Security plans and programmes across local governments in the Asia-Pacific region.

For more information contact:, JiEun Lee (Programme Officer) at or UNITAR's Local Development Programme at