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NO ROOM FOR TRAFFICKING across London in 2012




(STT).- This time next year, every bed will be taken and every hotel kitchen will be frantic: just the sort of cover for the trafficker to ply their trade.


Trafficked people can find themselves forced to work in kitchens hidden from sight, cleaning rooms for no pay or tragically sold in a bedroom to satisfy someone's idea of pleasure.


Tourists descend on London all year but as the city prepares to have the world arrive to compete in the 2012 Olympic Games we must prepare for those who are not coming to see the sights or to watch the games, or to compete for a medal.


There must be no room for people trafficking.


STOP THE TRAFFIK launches this latest campaign at its Global Freedom Summit in London on April 11 th 2011.


Hundreds of young people and community activists will be joined by Cherie Blair (Patron of STOP THE TRAFFIK), Sandra Kozeschnik (UN.GIFT), Commander Richard Martin (Metropolitan Police), Andy Baker (Deputy Director Serious Organised Crime Agency) alongside many others as we gather to debate and discover how to equip communities across the UK and across the world to ensure that there is no room for trafficking in the hospitality industry.


For every valuable gold medal won, great profit is also forged from the suffering of a human being.


People trafficking is the fastest growing crime around our world. The greatest weapon to stop the traffik is active communities from countryside to city, crowded street to isolated village, in every country, across every region, touching every border and crossing every continent.


"There has never been a better moment for us to build safe communities, free from the menace of those who trade in the sale of people. There has never been a more vital moment for us to work together, to put an end to the misery of human trafficking. This crime is growing and 2012 is on our doorstep, "  said Steve Chalke, Founder of STOP THE TRAFFIK and UN.GIFT Special Advisor on Community Action against People Trafficking.


STOP THE TRAFFIK Global Freedom Summit calls on the hospitality industry, to work with STOP THE TRAFFIK across the UK, to make sure there is no room for trafficking and that their profits do not include those made from the sale of people.



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