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Prevention and Awareness Campaign on Human Trafficking in Colombia


© Corporación Espacios de Mujer(Espacios de Mujer) -Thousands of Colombian men, women and children have to migrate each year in search for better opportunities outside their communities of origin. Migration within the country or outside its borders makes them often vulnerable to human trafficking.



A lack of knowledge about the phenomenon of trafficking in persons  leads to the deception of an increasing number of Colombians who end up as victims of different forms of exploitation.  Corporacion Espacios de Mujer is a civil society organization in Colombia working to prevent human trafficking  and assisting its victims. They have launched the campaign "Porque se Trata de tí!", aimed to raise awareness about trafficking, specially amongst women, as they make the majority of trafficking victims in Colombia.


© Corporación Espacios de MujerColombian women trafficked to Japan, assisted by Corporacion Espacios de Mujer, reported that women are sold by traffickers for amounts that range between USD $15.000 and $20.000. They usually end up exploited in the sex industry.  They are confined in  small apartments and forced to get "customers" day and night. If they protest or try to flee, they are abused as a form of "punishment". Corporacion Espacios Mujer knows of cases of women who have committed suicide because of despair. Often, their families cannot even ask for the return of the body, because the victims entered to the country with a false passport.


Corporacion Espacios de Mujer will carry its awareness campaign until 2013. The activities include messages on mass media and other activities  in specific at-risk communities.


For more information please visit the website of  Corporación Espacios de Mujer.