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Marchers walk 4,000km to protest trafficking of brides in India

The Indian NGO EMPOWER PEOPLE organized the first "Walk Against Bride Trafficking" to raise awareness about human trafficking for the purpose of forced marriage. The march began on March 1st in the Berpeta district of Assam and finished in the historic center of Kolkata on March 17th.



In total, participants walked over 4,432km. During the two weeks marchers met with leaders at 30 education institutions, 53 street markets and 50 religious institutions in 200 villages.


"The March was organized with the aim to shape a holistic mass movement against trafficking and to end the demand of sex," the NGO said in a statement.

EMPOWER PEOPLE is an Indian NGO working to protect female victims of violence and mitigate post-violence trauma. EMPOWER PEOPLE is also one of the pioneer organizations focusing on the issue of human trafficking for the purpose of forced marriage.



EMPOWER PEOPLE is currently developing projects of community engagement and rehabilitation of trafficking victims in both source and destination areas in seven states of India.


For more information please visit the website and the blog on bride trafficking.