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"Sisters" screening in UNODC headquarters


(UN.GIFT) -The Serbian film "Sisters" was shown at the UNODC offices in Vienna in a screening organized by UN.GIFT. The movie depicts the tragic story of two sisters who fell into the hands of traffickers and enslaved into the sex trade.


The story is based on a factual events and it mirrors the real nature of human trafficking in Serbia, where 90 per cent of trafficking victims are young women, who are sold for sexual exploitation.


In 2010, IOM, UNHCR and UNODC launched a Joint Programme in Serbia, under the auspices of UN.GIFT, to support the government in the implementation of its National Action Plan against trafficking. UN.GIFT has identified Joint Programmes as a powerful means to make national goals more coherent, effective and efficient, and to avoid duplications and maximize synergies among national partners and UN organizations.



human trafficking movie screens in UNODC Vienna@UN.GIFT.HUB


The movie Sisters was produced by Monte Royal Pictures and premiered in Belgrade earlier this year and it was also screened on Serbian national television. The production was funded by IOM, the European Union and the Serbian Ministry for Culture.