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Stories on Human Trafficking shared on Internet radio



Here Women Talf, Trafficked, Dottie




Dottie LasterTRAFFICKED is an internet based radio show on Here Women Talk Radio produced and broadcast by the Zeus Radio Network. It is about human trafficking around the world and in the United States. Each week guests speak about the barriers and successes to combating the fastest growing crime in the world. Horrific true stories & happy-ending stories about people saved- every Thursday at 6:00 pm GMT/1:00 pm eastern/10:00 am pacific or at or call to listen or comment at  646-652-2071 (USA) - in addition listen to  archived shows anytime.


Recent listeners have heard victims like Lisbeth (click for video) call in and get rescued from pornography and sexual slavery. They have also followed the story of Kiki, a Thai woman coerced into prostitution who overcame the opposition of her pimp, the police and FBI. Dottie Laster, Trafficked

TRAFFICKED is hosted by Dottie Laster. Laster has been trained by the US Department of Justice to train law enforcement on the issue of human trafficking and has served victims directly since 2003. Dottie has trained over 5,000 police officers to combat human trafficking.