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UN.GIFT offers a new tool for the private sector

UN.GIFT and the End Human Trafficking Now! Campaign (EHTN!) launched a new e-learning course for the private sector. The tool was presented before leading personalities of the corporate world gathered in Luxor for the international conference "End Human Trafficking Now: Enforcing the UN Protocol".


The e-learning tool, developed by Microsoft was introduced by the company's Director for  Citizenship and Community Affairs for Microsoft Middle East & Africa, Jeffrey Avina. "We thank UN.GIFT and the End Human Trafficking Now! Campaign for taking the initiative to develop such an excellent tool for the private sector", he said.


On behalf of the International Labour Organization, ILO, Beate Andrees spoke about the importance of training the business community  in the fight against trafficking. "Through this tool company staff will be educated on their possibilities to fight human trafficking and will lead to a more responsible corporate policy", said Jonathan Martens, from the International Organization from Migration (IOM).


During the presentation, David Arkless, President Manpower, Corporate Affairs discussed the issue of human trafficking in Corporate Social Responsibility policies for the private sector. The participants were introduced to the technical components of the e-learning tool that comes also accompanied by a training handbook.


The course consists of three modules:


What is human trafficking?

Why is human trafficking an issue for business?

What can business do to address human trafficking?


Each module will take approximately 20 minutes and includes a short quiz which must be completed prior to finish the module. The modules draw exclusively on practical and concrete case studies from peers and colleagues in the business community.


Go here to start using the elearning tool