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SoS - Sound of Silence : "Immigrant Council of Ireland"

Interview with Nushi Yonkova .



Immigrant Council of Ireland, Legal support, Human Trafficking



SoS - Sound of Silence crosses the ocean and travels from the Amazon to the plains of Connemara, moving away from Brazil and arriving in Ireland. Permanent soft drizzle substitutes heavy rains, but the problems related to the issue of Human Trafficking are not that different.


The Immigrant Council of Ireland (ICI) is an Independent Law Centre which promotes the rights of migrants and their families by providing information and support, advocacy and strategic litigation.


Nusha Yonkova, anti-trafficking coordinator of the Immigrant Council of Ireland –  and also a recipient of the Small Grants Facility - explains the different forms and issues of Human Trafficking in Ireland and globally.


The mission of the Immigrant Council of Ireland is to provide information and legal support for illegal migrants in Ireland, could you explain what this means in detail?

Nusha Yonkova


Could you explain this with an example?

Nusha Yonkova


The ICI does not only provide information for victims but also for the general public, which probably means that you are working with mass-media. How are you doing that?

Nusha Yonkova


Could you say few words about the project founded by the UN.GIFT Small Grants Facility? Is it already possible to foresee some positive results?

Nusha Yonkova


We also would like to hear your opinion on the necessity of multi-stakeholder approach in the fight against Human Trafficking …

Nusha Yonkova