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Anya 17, opera about human trafficking

The first of its kind, Anya 17 is an original opera that will expose the horrific world of sex trafficking victims in the United Kingdom. The opera tells the story of four young women from Eastern Europe who are deceived and trafficked; struggling to survive in an unimaginable situation.


It is composed by "British Composer Award" winner Adam Grob to an original Libretto by Ben Kaye and will be directed by Caroline Clegg. The Libretto was conceived and created from in-depth knowledge of caseworkers and leading UK charities in the field of trafficking.


"We commend this effort to engage and inspire the anti-trafficking community while raising awareness about human trafficking," said Siria Gastelum, Public Information Officer of UN.GIFT.


Amidst deception, violence, and despair Anya 17 explores the minds and motives of the trafficked women, their families, and their traffickers. While human beings are treated as products to be bought and sold Anya must seek the strength necessary to survive in world devoid of hope.


Anya 17 will premier in Liverpool on March 7 th 2012, with an encore performance in Manchester on March 9 th.