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A closer look at demand

( GAAWT) - Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women is examining more-closely the demand side of human trafficking. Often explained as a demand-fuelled industry, GAATW decided to further analyze the reasons behind human trafficking and methods to eliminate the demand. GAATW produced two publications one assessing the uses and limitations of demand-based approaches in anti-trafficking, and another analyzing the supposed link between large sporting events and trafficking for prostitution.


GAATW believes an effective approach to demand might be to look at reducing the demand for exploitative labour practices, in whatever sector trafficking occurs including, but not limited to, sex work. Opinions vary as to who should be responsible for, and most effective at, enforcing labour standards and improving working conditions. This includes calling on states to fulfill their human rights responsibilities, changing employer expectations by strengthening workers' rights, relying on voluntary codes of conduct in the private sector, consumer awareness initiatives, and encouraging investors to demand sound labour management, to name a few examples.


The Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women is an alliance of over 100 non- governmental organisations from North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. The GAATW Secretariat is based in Bangkok, Thailand and co-ordinates all activities, collects and disseminates information, and advocates on behalf of the Alliance at regional and international levels.