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Na Wa Festival comes to Europe



First launched in June in Nigeria, the Na Wa Festival is a human trafficking awareness festival that has now made its way to Europe. The festival is part of a larger EC funded international cooperation project to address migration issues by preventing and combating human trafficking. Na Wa is organized by the NGO EXIT in cooperation with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime ( UNODC) and the International Organization for Migration ( IOM) in the framework of the Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT).


Last week, Na Wa made its debut in Vienna. The first day of the festival included a press conference at Top Kino and a film screening of "Are We Aware?" and "A Place of Peace;" documentaries bringing to light the issue of human trafficking in Nigeria. The panelists discussed key factors driving human trafficking such as the lack of economic opportunities, as well as the demand for cheap labour and services.  The media's role in informing the public on the issues of human trafficking in an adequate manner was also covered. The logistics of the international cooperation project were discussed, from the development stages to the implementation phase.  "For UN.GIFT close cooperation during the development and implementation phases is an essential aspect in combating human trafficking," said Sandra Kozeschnik of UN.GIFT.


The second day of the festival featured a film screening for students, followed by a Question & Answer session.  In addition to "Are We Aware?" and "A Place of Peace," "Sisters of no Mecy" and "Better Life" were shown.