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UN.GIFT Special Advisor Visits Nepal and India

Rani anti-trafficking advisor on vistims visits NepalUN.GIFT Special Advisor for Victims, Rani Hong,  recently visited Nepal and India to enhance the global dialogue on human trafficking by meeting with different leaders and organizations. Rani Hong, a survivor of human trafficking and co-founder of The Tronie Foundation, is an advocate for victims world-wide and has been working with UN.GIFT on including the voices of survivors in anti-trafficking programmes.


While in India, Rani visited NGOs, schools, and multiple international organizations to discuss efforts being made in order to combat the global problem of human trafficking. In addition, Rani met with government representatives and gave recommendations to judiciary system officials, based on her personal experience with trafficked victims. She also attended the 12 th UN Round Table on Communication for Development (C4D) with an emphasis on Adolescent Girls.


In Nepal, Rani shared experiences with members of Shakti Samuha, an organization founded by survivors of human trafficking. Shakti Samuha is also a beneficiary of UN.GIFT Small Grants Facility and a leading actor in the global movement against trafficking.


Rani was invited to the National Nepal Anti-Trafficking Inter-Agency Coordinating Group meeting. Rani addressed over 50 key Nepalese stakeholders who were present at the meeting, stressing the importance of their work and the effect it had on survivors. A main focus of the work of Rani in India and Nepal was on educating youth about trafficking and more activities will follow in this regard.