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Artists and social workers join talents and inspiration to fight human trafficking


Anti human trafficking

Hell of Coldness by Margareth Osju


Art Project 1001001 is the name of an initiative that unites 100 artists from 100 different countries to develop one unique, innovative common masterpiece of art representing the global fight against human trafficking.


This initiative aims to increase social awareness of trafficking through art exhibitions, video presentations and other public events. Art Project 1001001 is a community of artists and social workers launched in Berlin by Michael Junghans with the support of the Europe-Institute for Social Work and UN.GIFT.


"Artists with their work can communicate their views and feelings about trafficking, while social workers support the initiative on the prevention aspects as well as on the support for victims. With
creativity and knowledge, we can fight human trafficking through awareness raising and aid mechanisms for survivors," said Junghans.


The project coordinator Verena Tonelli adds "The creation of a beneficiary community is a starting point to give people a chance to combat slavery. Fight 2 free!"


The project is using social media platforms to spread knowledge and awareness on human trafficking, such as facebook and twitter. Art Project 1001001 is committed to raise funds to support rehabilitation for survivors and anti-trafficking programs.


Find the Art Project 1001001 on facebook and join this community.


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