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The NO Project, raising awareness through art in Greece

Youth in Greece is saying NO to human trafficking. Their negative is not somber or silent, but loud, colourful and lively. The NO Project is an anti-slavery public awareness initiative that focuses on the role of demand, targeting youth through arts, education and social media.


The NO Project, based in Athens, capitalizes on the energy of young leaders who are capable to influence others to change attitudes and behaviours. The Project utilizes the abilities and skills of young people who are willing to confront those who sustain the demand of human trafficking. And they do it in the most creative ways.


The NO Project fighting human trafficking through arts, music, education and social media @UN.GIFT


Recently, the NO Project took part of the U.S. Embassy activities commemorating the National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month in Greece. The Project joined the Ambassador Daniel B. Smith on his efforts to raise awareness against trafficking, featuring anti trafficking artwork, installations, an award-winning animation and a hip hop performance. The event was attended by diplomats, government officials, prominent educators, and civil society and business leaders.


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1.2 Million Children Animation by NO Project artist Effie Pappa, winner at the 2011 ANIMFEST, International Animation Festival, Athens, Greece





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