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UNODC launches new manual on victim care


The psychosocial rehabilitation of survivors of human trafficking is key to help them rebuild a meaningful life. However, victims often end up in institutions that lack the capacity to address their specific psycho-social needs and provide the quality care the delicate situation demands.


To address the great need for effective victim care, UNODC together with the National  Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), a renowned mental health institution in Bangalore, India, have developed the manual titled, "Psychosocial Care for Women in Shelter Homes".


UNODC launches new anti-trafficking publication @UN.GIFT

This manual is the outcome of a capacity building programme for caregivers in government shelters for women that was implemented during 2010 in the South Indian states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. A series of trainings were conducted which aimed to educate and sensitize caregivers about the importance of care and support for women residing in these homes.


The new publication, launched with the support of USAID, draws on the results of these trainings and it includes new research in the area of victim care. The manual also highlights the specific needs of women in institutions, enables the care givers to understand these needs and gives them an insight into the spectrum of psychosocial interventions. It gives the care givers an understanding of the various laws and policies that are available to safeguard the rights of women in India. It also focuses on the importance of care and stress management of the caregivers themselves.


Click here to read the manual "Psychosocial Care for Women in Shelter Homes" in the UN.GIFT.HUB