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Fashioned for Freedom: Music and fashion against human trafficking


Fashioned for Freedom @UN.GIFT.HUB

(FfF).- The fashion industry is now stepping up to be part of the movement against human trafficking and exploitation in the production of apparel. Human Trafficking is a $32 billion a year industry, yet the funds being contributed to tackle this make up less than 1% of this figure. Fashioned for Freedom (FfF) aims to not only raise money for victims of human trafficking but also spark awareness and transform behaviour.


Fashioned for Freedom is an international foundation providing assistance to victims of human trafficking, combating the problem at source and setting about working with various global industries to address insidious problems which exploit peoples of all nations.


On the 7 th July 2011 Fashioned for Freedom is hosting a fundraising fashion show and concert in Marylebone, London. The evening will showcase some of the best up and coming fashion designers such as Beulah London, Zoe Boomer and E.A. Burns plus an amazing concert from the exciting new band KITES.


FfF will be donating all funds raised from the July 7th fashion show to the IOM Victims' Fund.



Fashioned For Freedom from Neil Edwards on Vimeo.