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Second Annual Interdisciplinary Houston Human Trafficking Conference: Call for Papers


(FTC)--Free the Captives (FTC) is proud to announce the Second Annual Interdisciplinary Houston Human Trafficking Conference on February 18, 2012 at Houston's First Baptist Church at 7401 Katy Freeway, Houston, TX 77024. We welcome local and international presenters from Christian organizations, non-governmental organizations, academia, and governmental agencies. This is a conference intended to spread knowledge, provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of research and professional work, and provide an opportunity to network with and learn from each other.


Who Should Present?


The FTC Second Annual Interdisciplinary Houston Human Trafficking Conference is an intense and interactive conference formatted for:


1. Churches, government agencies, Christian organizations, foundations, and others who wish to speak about their work and their priorities.


2. Scholars with an interest in providing knowledge and methodologies to study the problems surrounding human trafficking. Work from graduate students will be accepted as well.


3. Law enforcement, social service agencies, and others who see the effects of trafficking in their work, and can speak about the amount, nature, and causes of trafficking and the efficacy of methods to combat, prevent, and alleviate the effects of trafficking.


Call for Papers and Presentations

Anyone who has academic or professional work to present at the conference should submit a completed manuscript or powerpoint presentation along with his or her curriculum vitae to Julie Waters, FTC Executive Director, at


The presentations will strictly be 25 minutes with 15 minutes for discussion. Please do not include video or audio in your powerpoint presentations.


The deadline for the submissions will be September 18, 2011. Individuals who submit by September 18 can expect notification of acceptance or rejection by November 18, 2011. All presenters will need to make their own travel, meal, and lodging arrangements; however, the registration fee will be waived.


For international presenters, please submit along with your manuscript and CV, the following information:(1) Institution's Web Site (you must be listed on the web site as part of working for the institution); (2) Name of Country; (3) Passport Number; (4) US Consulate City and address (the city in your country which contains the US Consulate to which you want the letter of invitation sent.)


Also, please provide verifiable evidence that you have worked professionally in anti-trafficking efforts or have professionally studied human trafficking in the past. This is the type of information that you will be asked for by the US Consulate. It may include references to published papers that can be accessed on the Internet (give web site address) or through libraries, published accounts of the work of your organization in reputable newspapers or other publications that can be accessed through the Internet (give web site address), or other strong and verifiable evidence of previous work.