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New law requires NYC taxi drivers to report suspected cases of trafficking

Last month New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed into law an anti-sex trafficking bill aimed at encouraging taxi drivers to identify suspected victims of sex trafficking, and imposing harsh penalties on cab drivers that knowingly work with traffickers.



Under legislation, which comes into effect in three months, cab drivers seeking new licences or renewals will be required to complete a program that educates them about sex trafficking violations.


Drivers found in violation of the law may loose their license and be fined up to $10,000 if they are convicted of committing a sex trafficking crime.


"What they're doing is driving victims from customer to customer, directing victims what to do with each customer and at the end of the evening, confiscating half the victim's earnings," WYNC quoted Attorney Dorchen Leidholdt of Sanctuary for Families, a group that assists victims, as saying.


Watch a CNN segment about the new law here: