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UNODC, IOM hold joint training of Rwanda National Police and the Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration in Rwanda

In late June, staff of the Rwanda National Police and the Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration jointly participated in a basic training on identifying, investigating and responding to cases of human trafficking in Rwanda.



The training was one of the key activities under the UN. GIFT funded UNODC- IOM Joint Programme and was the first of its kind in the Eastern African country. The participants examined basic topics covering the fours Ps- Prevention, Prosecution, Protection and Partnerships. More intensive subjects were also covered, such as skills for interviewing victims, witnesses and suspects, as well as crime scene management.


The training was participatory in nature. On the third day, the 50 participants performed highly entertaining role plays and presented various scenarios that reflected the concepts learnt during the training.



Deliberating on the situation in Rwanda, participants highlighted the need for the Government to pass comprehensive human trafficking legislation, as this will greatly assist law enforcement in combating the crime. Participants also noted the need for criminal justice institutions to work closely with victim assistance providers in a functional referral process.


Speaking at the workshop, Mr. Stephen Rukumba, Director of Training and Recruitment at the Rwanda National Police stated that the constantly evolving trends in criminality today requires that law enforcement officers undergo constant training in order to stay one step ahead of the perpetrators of organised crime.