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Human Trafficking in the News


CNN has developed a year long campaign to raise awareness about and join the effort to combat human trafficking. The campaign will include a series of news features covering the various aspects of modern-day slavery worlwide. Many of these news features will be hosted by Demi Moore and includes interviews with government officials, lead researchers in the field, victims and more.


The series has been title the "CNN Freedom Project." Their website says the project will "shine a spotlight on the horrors of human trafficking, amplify the voices of the victims, highlight success stories and share ways that everyone can make a difference." In collaboration with CNN's efforts, U.N. GIFT's Public Service Announcements wil be featured as part of the series.


The second part of the campaign challenges the public to get involved in awareness raising by providing opportunities for individual activism through various activities called. One such activity asked people to submit videos and pictures of themselves holding signs saying "I'm taking a stand" and talking about the importance of ending human trafficking.


The collection of videos and photos can be seen online. The current advocacy project is asking participants to make a paper airplane, symbolizing freedom, with a written anti-trafficking message and then to submit a photo of the airplane, then to give the airplane to a friend or mail to an elected official. The deadline for participation is June 15 th, 2011, and more details can be found on the project's website.