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Introducing "Stories of Courage"

Over the next few days UN.GIFT will publish a series titled: "Stories of Courage" which highlights success stories of victims who escaped the grasp of their traffickers. These anecdotes are a source of inspiration, giving courage to individuals to look for ways to help victims of trafficking, showing hope for change.


The life stories have been gathered and presented by Rozanne Larsen, a Harvard graduate student currently interning with the UN.GIFT office in Vienna, Austria. The stories come from a variety of sources, namely two major anti-trafficking NGOs: STOP THE TRAFFIK and Free the Slaves.


Through the Stories of Courage we will learn more about how the actions of individuals can help save a life or, alternately, destroy one. Another aspect highlighted by the series is the consequences of extreme poverty which puts people at high risk of being trafficked.


Awareness-raising is a major part of the work of UN.GIFT. These stories highlight the importance of individuals being aware of the warning signs of trafficking in order to help prevent and intervene.


While this series will include the stories of 7 survivors of trafficking, there are millions of untold stories of trafficking victims who do not escape. Hopefully, these stories of courage will inspire acts of courage that may help reduce the reach of traffickers and minimize the harm against those who fall prey to them.