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The NaWa Film Festival on Facebook



The Na Wa Festival has launched a Facebook group to offer up to date information on the film festival. The group also serves as a platform for participants to discuss issues on human trafficking and other information related to the many anti-trafficking activities now taking place in Nigeria.


The Na Wa Film Festival is organized by UN.GIFT, IOM and the NGO EXIT. Over the course of ten days, film screenings, book readings, panel discussions and receptions will take place in the Nigerian cities of Abuja, Edo & Lagos. The Festival is intended to serve as a platform to debate on issues relating to human trafficking from Nigeria to Europe, a phenomenon that has seen a steady increase over the years.


The NaWa Festival is part of a comprehensive international project to enhance transnational cooperation in the fight against human trafficking. It is co-founded by the European Commission and jointly implemented by UNODC and the International Organization for Migration IOM.