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Verité Publishes new Fair Hiring Toolkit


(Verité)-Whether you are a brand, supplier, government, investor, anti-slavery or labor-rights organization, social auditor, or certifier, your approach to protecting migrant workers is not complete unless it includes a focus on the path that workers take to get a job in the global economy. This Fair Hiring Toolkit offers support for responsible recruitment and hiring of migrant workers.


Migrant workers all around the world make the products we buy and harvest the food we eat.  These migrants leave home for jobs that can help them achieve a better life, or simply allow them to feed their family. Almost all of our products - clothes, shoes, computers, toys, furniture and food - involve a supply chain that employs migrant workers. Migrants provide the flexible workforce that keeps our just-in-time global economy humming.


Workers will go to great lengths to snag promising jobs, no matter where they are located. Often workers become indebted to middlemen - labor brokers and moneylenders - whose practices can be exploitative and illegal and it becomes difficult or impossible to come out on top. How do we end this practice? Verité's Fair Hiring Toolkit offers tools, guidance, and approaches to support the responsible recruitment and hiring of migrant workers in global supply chains.


Verite also offers a two-day workshop to train individuals on how to use the toolkit. This two-day technical workshop introduces the Fair Hiring Toolkit and how to apply it through the Verité Systems Approach (VSA) for managing the critical risks inherent in employing contract, or brokered, workers. The Toolkit derives from Verité's Help Wanted initiative, which is based on years of in-depth global research on the complex mechanisms that lead to debt-bonded and other forms of forced labor. This holistic Systems Approach focuses on the everyday business processes where the right risk controls can avoid these and other labor abuses.