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IOM launches documentary to raise awareness in vulnerable communities of Central America


The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is launching a new documentary entitled "Crossroads" ("Encrucijada") to raise awareness in vulnerable communities about irregular migration from Central America through Mexico and into the United States.


The film tells the stories human trafficking survivors and returned migrants that have made the journey through Guatemala and into the Mexican state of Chiapas using rubber rafts, trains, or by foot. It estimated that some 400,000 irregular migrants-including victims of human trafficking-travel through Mexico each year on their way north to the United States.


IOM will show the film in workshops around the region to encourage debate about the human rights challenges in current migration flows. It is also part of a new mass information campaign in Mexico and Guatemala, which aims to raise public awareness and provide information on the dangers associated with irregular migration in this highly volatile migration corridor.


"Crossroads" has already been launched in Mexico, Costa Rica and Nicaragua and will be soon shown in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Panama.


Watch the trailer here:



You can also watch the full-length film below:


Part 1:



Part 2: