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Ateneo Human Rights Center is getting to the bottom of human trafficking in Muslim Mindanao


Ateneo Human Rights Center



In order to support civil society organizations (CSOs) in their activities to fight human trafficking, UN.GIFT established a Small Grants Facility which was launched on 1 March 2010. A Call for Proposals was issued inviting eligible CSOs to submit their project ideas to UN.GIFT. From over 440 received proposals, 12 projects were chosen for funding. One of the awardees is Ateneo Human Rights Center (AHRC).


Founded in 1986 in Manila, Philippines the Ateneo Human Rights Center was established as one of the first university-based institutions engaged in the promotion and protection of human rights in the country. The center focuses on the protection and promotion of human rights through research, law and policy reform and training for human rights lawyers.



Project "Evidence-Based Research on the Trafficking of Women and Children to Malaysia"



The Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao

The Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao in the southern Philippines is highly affected by human trafficking. Every day members of the ethnic group settled in this region are trafficked to Malaysia for the purpose of sexual or labour exploitation, most of them are women and children.


Although this seems to be common knowledge in the area, reliable data is still missing. Therefore, the Ateneo Human Rights Center developed a project with the aim to collect evidence based knowledge, raise awareness and enhance understanding for the issue of human trafficking.




The project aims to increase knowledge about the identified problem through the following key actions:


- Conducting research and publishing its results

- Enhancing networking with relevant stak eholders

- Sharing knowledge with all key stakeholders

- Raising awareness and providing paralegal skills for vulnerable persons



Progress of the project on human trafficking awareness


The mapping of relevant government agencies and CSO's has been completed and the Ateneo has already established partnerships with key stakeholders such as the Processing Center for Displaced Persons (PCDP), the Visayan Forum Foundation and the Western Mindanao State University. The research is still in progress and the results are yet to come. The last step will be the publication of  the outcomes which then will be disseminated amongst all the target groups.


For further information visit the website of AHRC.