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Empower People, combating bride trafficking in India



© Empower People

(EMPOWER PEOPLE, India).- EMPOWER PEOPLE is an NGO in India working to protect female victims of violence and mitigate post-violence trauma.  EMPOWER PEOPLE is one of the pioneer organizations focusing on the issue of human trafficking for the purpose of forced marriage.



What is also called "bride trafficking" affects a yet unknown number of girls, particularly from poor backgrounds, who are deceived and trafficked to be sold as brides. According to information gathered by EMPOWER PEOPLE, a middleman seeks an agreement on an arranged marriage with the family of the girls. Later those girls are transferred to another places where there is a high demand of brides, like Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan where they are known as "Paro" or "Molki" (literally perched woman).


© Empower PeopleThe main focus of EMPOWER PEOPLE lies on awareness raising and sensitization trainings for law enforcement agencies. The organization is also offering direct victim support and assistance to women vulnerable to human trafficking and domestic violence.



EMPOWER PEOPLE is currently developing projects of community engagement and rehabilitation of trafficking victims in both source and destination areas in seven states of India.


For more information please visit the website and the blog on bride trafficking.