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NaWa: Human trafficking to hit cinemas, cultural centres and churches in Nigeria


The perils of human trafficking will take the big screen in Nigeria. In June, the NaWa Film Festival will bring to Nigerian audiences stories about the many dramas of those who fall victim of traffickers. The festival is organized by UN.GIFT, IOM and the NGO EXIT, and it is co-founded by the European Commission.



Over the course of ten days, film screenings, book readings, panel discussions and receptions will take place in the Nigerian cities of Abuja, Edo & Lagos. The NaWa festival is part of an initiative to enhance transnational cooperation in the fight against human trafficking. Seven countries are joining forces for this project: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Nigeria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.


The overall objective of this international project is to deter irregular migration by preventing and combating human trafficking. The film festival is one of the tools to achieve this, by raising awareness about the risks of irregular migration and the danger of human trafficking amongst the Nigerian population. The project also aims to build the capacity of practitioners to address human trafficking in the participating countries, as well of the organizations providing services for victims of trafficking.


Besides the Nawa festival, the project includes study visits to Nigeria and Belgium and a workshop in Austria to address issues about international cooperation, such as extradition, mutual legal assistance, transfer of sentenced persons, joint investigations, risk assessments, and return and reintegration. National follow-up training will take place in each participating country.



For further information please visit the website of the NGO EXIT.