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Human trafficking awareness video for first responders

An awareness video produced by the United States Office of Health Affairs and the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Fire Administration outlines signs to help first responders recognize victims of human trafficking.


Nearly one-third of trafficking victims have an encounter with medical professionals, including paramedics, during the time they are being trafficked. These first responders are therefore uniquely placed to help victims.


Among the red flags that first responders should watch out for are:


*Signs of physical abuse including scars, burns, mutilations and infections

*Urinary difficulties, pelvic pain or pregnancy

*Respiratory problems or malnutrition

*Disorientation or confusion


The video also outlines a range of environmental signs, including:


*The patient ia accompanied by another person who seems controlling

*The person accompanying the patient insists on giving information

*The patient's identification documents are controlled by someone else

*There are security measures to keep the patient from leaving the premises

*The patient appears to have been denied food, water, sleep or medical care


To watch the full video click here.