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UNODC, ILO collaborate to support the Senegalese government in the fight against human trafficking

UNODC and ILO, in collaboration with the government of Senegal, organized in late March a three day workshop to facilitate coordination between a variety of organizations working in the fight against human trafficking in Senegal.


The workshop convened focal points from the different government ministries which compose Senegal's National Committee against trafficking of human beings, and representatives from civil society and the UN.


During the three days, workshop participants rigorously discussed the current challenges in combating human trafficking in Senegal and identified ways that the diverse range of organizations present could coordinate their efforts.


Participants closed the workshop with concrete progress: they drafted an updated national action plan for 2012-2014, identified strategic activities to be implemented in the short term, and wrote rules and regulations for transforming the National Committee into a coordination mechanism by enlarging it to include civil society organizations and the UN.


The workshop took place within the framework of a wider UN.GIFT project implemented in Senegal and Mali: Strengthening civil society organizations and multi-sector cooperation for a better assistance and protection of victims of trafficking in persons. The project is implemented by the UNODC Regional Office for West and Central Africa, in coordination with IOM, ILO, UNICEF, OHCHR.

It aims at building the capacity of civil society organizations active in the areas of protection and assistance to victims of trafficking, and at strengthening their networks through the promotion of cooperation among state and non-state actors. The project includes a small grants facility based on the UN.GIFT model which will support five civil society organizations in Senegal and Mali. Launched in October 2011, the project will last two years.