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EUROPOL Director Answers Questions on Human Trafficking

"Preventing and curbing illegal immigration and trafficking in human beings in the European Union" was the topic discussed during a recent interview conducted by Eurasylum with EUROPOL director, Rob Wainwright. EUROPOL is the European Union law enforcement agency that handles criminal intelligence.


Each month Eurasylum conducts a short policy interview with a leading player in international migration and asylum affairs, within a range of policy, academic and practitioners' areas of expertise. Eurasylum is a European research and consulting company that specializes solely in issues of immigration and asylum policy in Europe and internationally.


Eurasylum's activities centre, primarily, on the study and evaluation of developments affecting policy, legal and programme decisions in the fields of immigration and border control processes, labour migration, status determination systems, trafficking in human beings, issues of IDPs, and migrant integration schemes internationally.


The interview can be viewed here.