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Lawyers Without Borders Training Programme in Liberia

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The international NGO Lawyers Without Borders (LWOB) conducted its first specialized training programme on human trafficking for criminal justice practitioners in Liberia. Based on a comprehensive index of Liberian Case Law, UNODC's Toolkit and the UN.GIFT Indicators, the training material was developed by more than 100 lawyers in countless hours of pro bono work.



The training was conducted by international lawyers and judges who engaged their Liberian colleagues in a mock trial based on an actual human trafficking prosecution. More than 70 participants attended the one-week course in November 2010. The training was supplemented with community oriented materials featuring best practices for the practitioners working on human trafficking issues and educational material for citizens on how to recognize trafficking situations and rights and resources for victims.


Human Trafficking, Awareness raising

In addition, an illustrated publication called "Understanding Human Trafficking" was created for the Liberian Bar, to view it click here.  A second publication is expected to be published and circulated in-country during December, 2010.


Christina Storm founder of LWOB has recently been interviewed by UN.GIFT. Listen to the Interview.


Visit the Lawyers Without Borders Website.