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Luxor International Forum: Gathering the Business Community to Combat Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking, Awareness raising The much-anticipated Luxor International Forum will gather business, arts and media leading personalities to take action against human trafficking. This landmark event is organized by End Human Trafficking Now! (EHTN!) in collaboration with  UN.GIFT, and it will take place in Luxor, Egypt, on 10 - 12 December 2010.


The forum recognizes the pivotal role of the business community in anti-trafficking efforts. It aims to encourage businesses to utilize their global reach and network of connections to combat human trafficking. A first-ever Business Leader's Award will be given to recognize and honour business executives who have shown energy and commitment in tackling the global scourge of human trafficking.


An eLearning tool for the private sector will be launched by UN.GIFT and EHTN! at the forum. The online course consists of a modular training programme for business leaders, managers and employees of business companies.


Human Trafficking, Awareness raising, UN.GIFTUN.GIFT and UNODC will also present two exhibitions in Luxor: Welcome to Gulu, by artist and UN Goodwill Ambassador Ross Bleckner, featuring paintings by former child soldiers; and Vulnerability, exploitation and action a photo documentation on child trafficking by Alessandro Scotti.



The event will also be an opportunity for the business community to take leadership in the fight against trafficking while strengthening partnerships at all levels, as identified in the recently launched UN General Assembly's Global Plan of Action. Luxor will also be a platform to support victims through the United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund for Victims of Trafficking Persons, launched in November by the Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon.


The world premier of Not My Life, a documentary on human trafficking directed and produced by Academy Award nominee Robert Beilheimer with support from UN.GIFT will be aired, along with the documentary, Playground, produced by George Clooney, Grant Heslov and Steven Soderbergh. Personalities such as Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher and UNODC's Goodwill ambassadors Mira Sorvino and Nicolas Cage are attending the Conference, amongst other business and media leaders.


More information about the Luxor Forum available at: