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SoS - Sound of Silence

UN.GIFT launches its web-radio



Sound of Silence




The S.O.S. cries of victims of human trafficking is often not heard, but some exceptional people and organizations are dedicated to hearing their stories and fighting this unimaginable, yet all too real crime.


UN.GIFT's new web-radio show, SoS - Sound of Silence, will engage with guests including civil society and think-tanks representatives, academics, UN staff and UN goodwill ambassadors to document work being done, experiences gained and ideas to move forward in the fight against human trafficking.


Sound of Silence



For its premiere, UN.GIFT is releasing a five-part online radio show on events surrounding the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, which took place in Vienna at the end of October.


In Part 1, you can listen to an abstract of a speech given by Nicolas Cage, UNODC Goodwill Ambassador for Global Justice, at the inauguration of a UN.GIFT photo exhibition. The pictures from the exhibition, taken by Mr. Scotti in central and east Europe, can be viewed here.


Nicolas Cage launches the UN.GIFT photo exhibition. (part 1)



In Part 2, you can learn more about trafficking in persons: its causes, its forms and different approaches taken in fighting it.


The fight against human trafficking (part 2)



Part 3 discusses future challenges in combating human trafficking in areas such as punitive and compensatory justice and the issue of implementation.


Human trafficking and justice. (part 3)



Part 4 considers the fact that human trafficking is human rights violation that affects us all and asks, what can we, as citizens of the world, do to combat this heinous crime?


An everyday fight. (part 4)



Concluding the segment, Part 5 looks back to the institutional role in putting an end to this global crime and underlines the necessity of adopting a multi-stakeholder approach, in which UN.GIFT plays a central role.


Necessity and benefits of a multi-stakeholder approach. (part 5)



Every Friday starting next week, SoS - Sound of Silence will focus on the critical job Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) are doing everyday to combat human trafficking and support the victims . Next week's guest will be Marieke van Doorninck, advisor of Public Affairs at La Strada International, an organization which has been granted funding by the UN.GIFT Small Grant Facility. Ms. van Doorninck will tell us about the activities of her organization in this field.




UN.GIFT would like to thank all the persons who generously accepted to be interviewed for the inaugural SoS show and so openly shared their invaluable knowledge, expertise, and experiences:



H.E. Dr. Helmut BÖCK - Ambassador of Austria at the UNOV.


H.E. Ms. Miroslava BEHAM - Ambassador of Serbia at the UNOV.


Yuri Fedotov - Executive Director of UNODC


Susu Thatun - UNICEF focal point for anti-trafficking


Evelyn Probst - Coordinator, Lefö-Ibf Austria


Klara Skrivankova - Trafficking Programme Coordinator, Anti-Slavery International


Christina Storm - Executive Director and Founder of Lawyers without Borders


Dr. Walter Kemp - Director, Europe and Central Asia, International Peace Institute


Nicolas Cage - UNODC's Goodwill Ambassador for Global Justice




Sound of Silence