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Fighting human trafficking in Australia

Like in many other parts in the world, human trafficking is not a widely known topic amongst Australia's population. That is why some committed individuals are taking matters into their hands. Dr. Andreas Schloenhardt, a professor from the University of Queensland is spearheading the "Be Careful What You Pay For" campaign in an effort to raise awareness on trafficking.


Aside from raising awareness on the topic of trafficking, "Be Careful What You Pay For" aims to demystify the phenomenon of trafficking and change consumer behaviour by informing the public on the demand aspect that fuels trafficking.


The campaign's message is primarily being disseminated via posters and postcards. The campaign depicts persons as products, using images of everyday household items to reflect or insinuate cases of trafficking in persons and the exploitation of human beings for sexual purposes, forced labour, domestic servitude and so forth. The individual "products" exhibited in the campaign are based on actual human trafficking cases from Australia.


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