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Na Wa Festival debuts in Europe

Originally launched in June in Nigeria, the Na Wa Festival is a human trafficking awareness festival that has now made its way to Europe. The festival is part of a larger international cooperation project to deter irregular migration by preventing and combating human trafficking. Na Wa is organized by the United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT), the International Organization for Migration ( IOM) and the NGO EXIT, and it is co-founded by the European Commission.


Beginning December 1 the festival will take place over a two-day period in Vienna. The film screenings will include Are We Aware?, A Place of Peace, and documentary of the festival in Nigeria. The festival seeks to raise awareness about the risks of irregular migration and the danger of human trafficking.


The festival will also incorporate a workshop to address issues about international cooperation, such as extradition, mutual legal assistance, transfer of sentenced persons, joint investigations, risk assessments, and return and reintegration. National follow-up training will take place in each participating country (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Nigeria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom).