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What is your slavery footprint? Take online survey to find out

Made in a Free World, a non-profit organization based in Oakland, California has developed a website for people to see their own impact on the horrific problem of modern-day slavery.  In order to highlight how every person affects the issue of forced labour, a survey has been created with a specific set of questions to accurately gauge the number of slaves used to produce services or goods utilized by the surveyed person.  The questions pertain to peoples' every day life; for example: the types of food one consumes, the amount of electronics one owns, the amount of clothing, jewellery, and accessories one has.


The score one receives at the end of the survey represents the number of forced laborers that were likely to be involved in creating and manufacturing the products he or she buys. This is determined based on information regarding the processes used to create these products as well as investigations of the countries in which these stages of production take place for known slave labor (within these specific processes). This number is compiled from multiple individual product scores. According to Made in a Free World, the average persons uses the services of 25 slaves.


The survey also takes the form of an application for the Android and iPhone. With the Made in a Free World app, you can check in at stores, asking brands about slavery in their supply chain as you shop. Please use it to encourage brands to look into where their raw materials are coming from. Then share your check-ins so your friends will also help. Earn Free World points when you get the app and use it to counteract your slavery footprint.


Click here to see your slavery footprint.