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Conference scams

Beware of online invitations to conferences regarding human trafficking and other human rights issues.  Criminals are pretending to organize conferences in order to gain sensitive information and money from participants. Specifically there has been a "World Congress on human trafficking and forced labour" advertised on the Internet which is in fact a scam.


The alleged conference claims to provide detailed information on human trafficking, including leading experts in the field in order to raise awareness and combat the problem. The bogus conference claims to have two phases, phase one in New York and phase two in Senegal; most likely to maximize its pool of victims.


UNODC Trafficking in Persons experts caught the scam and have begun alerting the anti-trafficking community about the false invitations.


The "conference" is requesting participants send their names, addresses, passport numbers, and other sensitive information via email to the "registration desk." While the conference gives a detailed explanation of guest speakers and activities, it is an elaborate scam.


Before sharing any of your personal information online, verify the legitimacy of the conference or event which is requesting such details.