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Trafficking in Persons Office opens in Bolivia

A Trafficking in Persons Office has officially opened in Villazón, Bolivia.  Located in a key region between Argentina and Bolivia; the office will work to combat the issue of human trafficking in both countries.


Important figures present at the opening of the office included the Director of the Division Narcotics Affairs Section of the United States, the Argentine ambassador to Bolivia, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime representative, the Border Police Commander and several others from Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela.


Due to the high volume of reported cases of human trafficking, an initiative was taken to open this office some time ago. A specialized office was necessary in order to combat the ever-increasing problem of human trafficking. This office will allow Argentina and Bolivia to work together in order to research and monitor information (regarding human trafficking) and raise awareness on the issue of  modern slavery.


Also to address the problems occurring on the Argentinean-Bolivian border, the Ministry of Justice of Bolivia, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime ( UNODC), the United Nations Children's Fund ( UNICEF) and the International Organization for Migration ( IOM) have launched the UN.GIFT Joint Programme. The Joint Programme aims to support the Government of Bolivia in reducing the number of trafficking crimes that occur on the Argentinean border. It takes a comprehensive approach that includes the prevention of trafficking crimes by raising awareness amongst the population about the risks and potential consequences for victims. The programme will also strengthen institutional capacities for improved border control systems.