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UN.GIFT welcomes visionary human rights advocate Rani Hong

The United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT) is pleased to announce that Rani Hong, human rights advocate and Executive Director of the Tronie Foundation, has joined the initiative as UN.GIFT's special advisor.


As UN.GIFT's advisor , Rani will help build and bridge cooperation among all stakeholders. "I call upon you all to commit yourselves, both individually and within your communities to create a world we know is possible,  a world in which every person has the right to fulfill their human potential and for everyone to have the opportunity to liberate their full capacities,"  stated Rani, a strong voice for the unheard victims of human trafficking.


Taken from her family to be enslaved and then sold into illegal adoption at the age of eight, Rani is a true expert on human trafficking. Her ability to overcome trauma, loss and grief has inspired leaders from all over the world to join the global movement against human trafficking.


"It will be an honour to work with Rani. We are confident that her courage and determination to end human trafficking will benefit the anti-trafficking work of UN.GIFT," said Candice Welsch, Senior Manager of UN.GIFT.


In 2006, Rani and her husband Trong Hong, also a survivor of human trafficking, started the Tronie Foundation in the United States to help raise awareness about modern day forms of slavery and help its victims. The foundation mentors survivors of trafficking; providing programs to help them achieve their full potential. It also educates the business communities, media, students, and governments on the horrors of modern day slavery via survivors' experiences through social media and awareness campaigns.


Last month, UN.GIFT Steering Committee members agreed on a new strategy that will pave the way for the next phase of this global initiative. One of its guiding principles is that UN.GIFT will work with and for victims of trafficking. UN.GIFT will continue to focus on stimulating the global dialogue about human trafficking, providing a platform to all stakeholders -governments, private sector, civil society, media- through its award winning virtual knowledge hub, the UN.GIFT.HUB.



About Rani Hong

Born in India, Rani was taken from her family and became a victim of human trafficking when she was seven years old. By age eight, Rani's physical condition and emotional state were so dire she was close to death. No longer of any value to her owner, he sold her into illegal adoption. The turning point came when an American woman adopted a little girl from India who she thought was an orpha n. Through her adoptive mother's love Rani began to find stability, healing and a sense of personal freedom.


In 1992, Rani married Trong, also a survivor of human trafficking. Together they founded The Tronie Foundation in 2006. By sharing her story since 1999, Rani has helped international government officials, NGO's, corporations, philanthropies and journalists understand the circumstances that give rise to human trafficking.



About the Tronie Foundation

The Tronie Foundation is a human rights organization that aims to cause a global shift in consciousness and behavior by exposing the human cost of slavery.  The Foundation is committed to building consensus on human rights as a basis for positive social change to enroll everyone in a vision of a better world.    The non-profit organization takes a systemic view of human trafficking, recognizing that slavery would not exist if those who are most vulnerable had sustainable economic models and access to healthcare, education and clean water.  Currently, The Tronie Foundation is running an educational initiative 'Rani's Voice' as a tool to raise awareness about human trafficking by strengthening the voices of survivors.  The initiative is supported by Humanity United, a foundation dedicated to building peace and advancing human freedom.


For more information about the Tronie Foundation please visit