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10 Campaign: taking action for traffficking-free chocolate


anti-trafficking campaign @UN.GIFT.HUB

10 Campaign is a coalition of civil society organizations collaborating to improve the working conditions in cocoa fields, eliminate the exploitation of children, and end forced labour in the fields. The organizations involved are STOP THE TRAFFIK, International Labor Rights Forum, World Vision Australia, Fairfood International, Stop Child Labour- School is the best workplace, Südwind Research Institute, Berne Declaration, FNV Bondgenoten and the Confédération Syndicale Burkinabé.


In 2001 the cocoa industry signed the Harkin -Engel Protocol which was meant to address the Worst Forms of Child Labour and Forced Adult Labour. Ten years later, however, children are still being exposed to hazardous work environments and children and adults, alike, are experiencing slave-like working conditions.  Harvesting cocoa requires the use of a machete and exposure to harmful chemicals, conditions not appropriate for young children.  Also, in some cases, cocoa field workers have been trafficked and are being forced to work against their will.


10 Campaign is calling on governments to enact stricter laws to benefit those working in cocoa fields.  These suggestions include providing legal recourse for victims of Worst Forms of Child Labour, mandating governments to only buy cocoa products from companies that do not support child labour or forced labour, and requiring a third party audit of the cocoa supply chain. In addition, 10 campaign suggests full disclosure on behalf of chocolate companies to expose their efforts to eliminate child labour and forced labour, and lastly governments must establish an oversight body to report on the chocolate industry's progress.



  • 10 YEARS ago the biggest chocolate companies promised to get rid of child trafficking in the cocoa industry in West Africa.
  • 10 YEARS on, despite their promises, we only have a tiny amount of Traffik Free chocolate.
  • 10 YEARS have earned the cocoa industry £600 billion. Only 0.0075% of this has been invested into improving working conditions in West Africa.


Click here to go to STOP THE TRAFFIK  to TAKE ACTION in only 10 SECONDS