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Guatemala Stepping Up the Fight Against Human Trafficking

The State of Guatemala continues to push forward in its fight against human trafficking. Commendable progress has been made on behalf of the Guatemalan government this year to better the conditions for human trafficking survivors.


A protocol was submitted this past March, "Protocol for the Repatriation of Trafficking Victims, Children, Adolescents and Adults," which aims to provide a secure and supportive reintegration process for victims. This protocol will be implemented and enforced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Also in March, the Social Welfare Secretariat organized a special shelter, "Light of Hope," for adult female victims of human trafficking. The temporary home provides comprehensive care for the women in order to make their transition as painless and positive as possible.



According to information provided by the Guatemalan Government to the UN.GIFT.HUB, there are two shelters for child victims of trafficking, San Jose Pinilla Solidarity and Our Roots in Quetzaltenango. These shelters cater to the specific needs of children and adolescents.


A call centre has been put in place to assist victims and migrants, and raise awareness about the crime of trafficking. "Call Centre 1552 Migrants and Trafficking Victims" provides people with a channel to complain or report suspicions activities which might involve trafficking. The Ministry of Foreign affairs, with the help of foreign institutes, has assisted 33 Guatemalan victims of trafficking, thus far this year.


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