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OSCE Publication Now Available in Russian

In January of this year the OSCE  published a report in the framework of UN.GIFT's Expert Groups Initiatives, called "Analysing the Business Model of Trafficking in Human Beings to Better Prevent the Crime."  This report is the outcome of an innovative study carried out by a team of internationally recognised experts. The team produced evidence-based research revealing criminal gangs and their modus operandi, thus helping to confront and dismantle the criminal business.


The exploratory research aimed to understand what makes the trafficking in persons market profitable, considering the demand, costs, risks, revenues, and profit margins. The study focused on a comprehensive description of the economic and social organization of human trafficking. Using 25 cases from around the world, this study highlights the actors (individual and group) and the multitude of activities involved in the chain of events that constitutes human trafficking as an illegal commercial activity. It makes available a number of tools and policy measures for governments to use to comprehensively combat trafficking enterprises and protect those most at risk.


As of this month, the report was released in Russian; expanding access to this useful resource.  Russian government officials, judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement can now use the report in their own areas of work to better effectively combat human trafficking.


Please click here to access the publication in Russian.