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Shelter Opening for Trafficking Victims in Serbia

A new shelter for victims of trafficking has opened in Novi Sad, Serbia. This is the first shelter for trafficking victims under the social welfare system. The project was selected under the Fund for Direct Assistance, as a part of the Joint Programme of IOM, UNHCR, and UNODC under UN.GIFT to Combat Human Trafficking in Serbia. The Fund was established by the donors of the programme: the Government of Belgium, the Government of Switzerland, and UN.GIFT.


It is operated by the Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre with the cooperation of the Centre for Social Welfare.  Prior to this shelter opening, there was only one shelter assisting victims of trafficking in Serbia which was in Belgrade, run by the NGO, Atina.  This new facility will aid trafficking victims and be accessible for those who may have had difficulty reaching the State's capital.


The Joint Programme will also be supporting a shelter in Nis for children and adolescents, a drop-in centre for street children in Belgrade, as well as the shelter that already exists in Belgrade (run by Atina).  49 victims of trafficking have been assisted thus far with the help of these centres and shelters.