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Youth Journalism Camp to Combat Human Trafficking in Bangladesh

( Relief International, Bangladesh) - Jamalpur, Bangladesh is one of the most impoverished districts of Bangladesh; Jamalpur has an economy that is largely dependent on the agricultural sector. As a result, the populations remain out of work for long periods of time. This problem heightens their vulnerability and makes them susceptible to being victims of trafficking. The youth population of these at risk communities can play an instrumental role in preventing trafficking of women and children.


Therefore, Relief International has been organizing the "Youth Journalism Camp" to enlighten students and educators of schools, colleges and madrassas in Jamalpur about the hazards of trafficking. The 5 th batch of Youth Journalism Camp was held last month at the Regional Agriculture Research Station, Pathalia, Jamalpur.


The topics discussed at the Camp mainly focused on human trafficking, human rights and ways to prevent human trafficking. Participants were also educated about effective use of media, journalism and Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) such as basic computing, e-mail, blogging in order to generate awareness about trafficking. Thirty students and six teachers from six educational institutions participated in the Camp.


This training program is part of the activities of the two-year project "Enhancing Community Capacity to Reduce Vulnerability to Human Trafficking in the Jamalpur District of Bangladesh," which is being implemented by Relief International with financial support from the US Department of State, Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons . The project aims to enhance the capacity of the local community in the Jamalpur District to protect its most vulnerable members and provide victims of trafficking with adequate services and support.